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Lori Harper

My father was in the Marines with LHO and I was wondering what value his Platoon Yearbook might be worth historically and otherwise. There apears to be up to 4 previously unpublished photos of LHO in the book, and in one of them he may be servicing his M1 rifle.

Paul Wolf

Dear Lori - the yearbook would be valuable for the AARC's archives. Please contact Jim Lesar,

Also, anything you know about your father's work might shed light on what LHO's units were involved in. For example, that unit was involved in Operation Strongback, in which the 7th Fleet backed the overthrow of Sukarno in Indonesia, and was also at the Atsgui base in Japan which managed U2 overflights of the Soviet Union.

If you have not requested your father's military records, you can do so with his permission, or if he is deceased, then you can do it if you are next of kin. It's a very routine matter to request them from the records center in Missouri, and might be interesting to you if you want to learn about your father. Also, it might shed light on the activities of his unit, and who knows what you will find. If you want some help in obtaining them just let us know.

Best regards

Paul Wolf

Captain Joe

Over the years I have been puzzled about about a timing issue that I observed and I wonder how many other former soldiers observed on the day that JFK was assasinated. I was stationed in Germany with a nuclear missile unit near the Czech border. We were deployed on an alert at 6:30 PM on 11-22-63 right after the evening meal. After occupying our emergency firing position, perhaps 30 minutes after the alert was sounded, I went ahead and set up our perimeter defense with my squad,(I was the machine gun sergeant for the unit). After getting set up I wandered over to the communication truck to see what the heck was up. The communication truck had wireless teletype machines to monitor communications with our higher headquarters to receive orders etc. One of the machines was monitoring Associated Press, since the other one was monitoring headquarters. After a while, I heard a commotion, 5 dings in a row. The comm technicion hollared that there were shots fired in Dallas at the president. I believe that this flash message at the time, about 7:30 PM, was a contemporaneous report of the assasination, one hour after we were deployed to our emergency firing position with nuclear missiles. There is seven hour difference between Dallas and Germany. That means we were deployed one hour before the assasination. Someone in Washington was able to see the future. Any other reports of this early deployments?

Rex Bradford

Captain Joe, can you supply more identifying details about your unit, its location, names of any other officers, etc? Are you in touch with anyone else in the unit who could add more details to this story?


The evidence you're looking for lies here. Follow it up aggressively.

February 7, 2008 -- IS SEN. Ted Kennedy trying to prevent Vanity Fair from publishing a story about a man who claims to be the illegitimate son of Ted's brother, John F. Kennedy? Sources say the magazine's David Friend has been working on the article for a year and a half, and sent photographer Harry Benson to Vancouver to photograph the tall, handsome man in his late 40s - whose first name is Jack and who bears a strong resemblance to the 35th president assassinated in 1963. "The story was set to run, and they gave Ted Kennedy a courtesy call, and a few days later the story was killed," said a friend of the Vancouver man. "Ted must have strong-armed Graydon Carter." Vanity Fair spokeswoman Beth Kseniak said the story isn't dead. Other insiders said the man's mother - a Texan introduced to JFK by his vice president, Lyndon Johnson - slammed her door when the magazine came knocking. The monthly is said to be holding off until there is proof, such as a DNA match. Kennedy's office did not return our calls.


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Mike Regan

Hi All,,

Thought you might find the enclosed of interest... It all touches on the

tragic death of a fine and decent man who gently guided planet Earth away from certain nuclear annihilation,

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

And how it all affected Americans... Especially the Irish Community.

And please know that this represent absolutely no endorsement of an incredible dip named Lee Harvey Oswald. The clown murdered a Police Officer,

JD TIppit, a fine Dallas Police Officer, Husband, Father & Son.

I am glad that the Marine Corps had booted Oswald out of the Corps with a dis-honorable discharge long before the tragic events of Dealey Plaza.

Oswald got what he deserved in the end...

What was the initial motivation...? Had just turned fifteen when President John Kennedy was assassinated and, having spent a childhood reading the Hardy Boys novels (Usually while under a blanket with a flash light when I should have been sleepin'), took an interest in the case and when the Warren Commission came out with their 26 book report in '64 I shelled out about $3.00 of caddy bucks for the condensed version. It was a Saturday afternoon when I walked through the door with the copy. My dad, watching some sports in the living room, asked what I was up to and, when I told him, asked further if he could borrow it later on. Said sure and headed to my room for some interesting reading. Gave it to dad two or three days later and who, after spending a few days on it, tossed it back to me with the words, "They're full of malarkey..."

Took a puff or two on his pipe and went back to his latest edition of "True Detective".

Thus began my quest...

The material concerns four websites (Links Below) who were kind enough to post my research & conclusion regarding the assassination of one fine President,

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

A tragic event where I believe lies the catalyst to all the woes we, as Americans, are experiencing today.

Bear in mind both that the assassination amounted to nothing less than a "Coup D'etat " by blacks and that the truth behind this material has been picking up momentum among supporters, people might want to re-consider supporting Michael Steele as Chairman & Conservative spokesman for the Republican National Committee

"Kinda Like Putting The Fox In Charge Of The Hen House"

Hopefully, those 11 words above will assist toward a realization as to

why the Conservative/Republican movement is in such dis-array.

On a similar note, so fellow Conservatives do not feel so bad,

Congress committed the exact same error when it appointed another fox,

Luis Stokes, as Chairman Of the House Select Committee On Assassinations

beginning in 1976...
And to help understand why American life has deteriorated to such an immense degree

these past forty-six years (Though blacks represent about 12% of our Nation's population, they represent over 70% of our prison population), you might want to take a gander at some recent stats with concern to Johannesburg, S.A. since the whites were ousted, under the guise of apartheid... 14,487 murders, 36,190 rapes & 14,202 car-jackings. And these figures relate to 2007/2008 alone... 50 murders are committed on a daily basis.

Travel Agencies world-wide routinely guide interested tourists elsewhere

The most recent site to post (With regard to support), by the way, hails from France. 4th Link down. The most comprehensive info is contained within the 1st link.

Definitely calls for a nice slice of "une charlotte" topped

with a hefty topping of "aux fraises"...

(Chocolate Pudding Filled Sponge Cake & Strawberries)

And, of course, regular coffee on the side...

Catch ya' later


"Semper Fidelis",

(Always Faithful)

Mike Regan


If you have any trouble accessing the below links,

go to either the "MSN" or "BING" search engine, type in the key words,

James Jarman, Jr., Assassin, and click on...
Catch ya' later

"There is a time for all things, a time to preach and a time to pray, but those times have passed away. There is a time to fight, and that time has now come."
Peter Muhlenberg, Virginia, 1776

The John F

Essay by Michael Regan

James Jarman Jr., Assassin - The Education Forum

* La solution James Jarman

anthony shelton

the jfk murder was two different gun shooters kennedy was shot in the neck area by i guess 2nd shot fired by oswald from deposite building shot lines up true the head shot was from the driver of jfk proof is okay when kennedy was shot in the neck area he put his hands up little after this point he then turned his head towards his wife at the same time the governor was looking to his right the governors wife was looking at to her right picture this both wifes were looking at their husbands everyone was scared and not paying attention. now the second the lemo passes two people on the lawn at this time kennedy is looking to his left at his wife note: at the time the lemo passed the two people on the grass the lemo driver lifts his hand with gun at that same time with kennedys head looking alittle to his left shoots him quickly in the head nobody pays attention puts his hands back down quickly now to review this lemo driver driver put hand up quicklywith gun in hand fires it kennedys head facing to the left the point blank hit sends kennedys head more to the left towards his wife actulley touches back seat at close range it sent him the same direction as gun fired. I need to talk to someone about this that i can prove on the video

Red Lasers

"First is to facilitate understanding of the available evidence, with full respect for the range of opinion that the evidence generates. " Just do it.

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